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The Founders: Pioneers Behind the Dappin Revolution

Every revolutionary concept has its visionary pioneers, and Dappin is no exception. Meet the masterminds behind the app that's transforming the way we connect through shared activities: Jacques-Félix Wirtz and Loïc Ambroise. Their collective passion, innovation, and determination have brought Dappin to life, revolutionizing the landscape of social interactions.

They share a deep-rooted belief in the power of genuine connections. Their journey began when they recognized a prevalent gap in the digital realm – a gap between the virtual connections we make and the authentic experiences we long for. Fueled by this insight, they embarked on a mission to bridge this gap and reshape the way people interacted in the modern world.

Their combined passion for fostering real-life connections through shared activities gave birth to an app that was as much about meaningful experiences as it was about technology. Their shared value of authenticity led them to introduce features like video-based activity descriptions, which became a hallmark of Dappin's approach.

The founders' journey wasn't without its challenges. From securing initial funding to navigating the complex landscape of app development, they faced numerous hurdles. However, their unwavering commitment and the sheer force of their belief in Dappin's potential kept them pushing forward. With each obstacle, they emerged stronger, fine-tuning their strategies and approaches to ensure Dappin's success.

Meet The Current Team

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