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Dappin is live

After many months of development and testing, we are proud to announce that Dappin can now be downloaded from the App Store.

Dappin should be considered as your activity buddy. Playing tennis but need a partner? Want to visit an exhibition with someone? Exploring a city you just moved to or plan to visit? Whenever you feel alone, you travel around the world or you want to share an activity with someone, you should think of Dappin. Dappin enables you to tell other users about your activity desires, and find a suitable companion among those users.

The app proposes various categories you can choose from when creating your activity - sports, museum, movie, concert, bar, restaurant, travelling and more.

To propose an activity or to join an existing one, you first need to create a video. Both users will therefore see each other (sorry, no fake selfie look!) before the conversation begins and they meet in person.

At a time where people want to move out of the virtual world and widen their circle of friends, this app will help bring people together.

Dappin is available on the App Store in following countries: Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium.

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