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Dappin featured in

Tim Krier from explains what you can expect from Dappin.

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"In early March 2019, I met Jacques-Félix Wirtz, co-founder of Dappin. At this time, his app was on the brink of getting his final touch before going into testing mode.

Over the last weekend, Dappin finally launched. But what exactly can you expect from this new app?

The concept is clear: All you have to do is set up a profile (which can also be done via your Facebook account) and take a look at activities people near you are offering you to join. This can vary from sports to grabbing a drink at a bar, but of course also to explore the city or countryside.

Besides that, you can change your location at any time and take a look at the proposed activities before you arrive at the place. This could come in handy if you want to travel with a local who can give you some nice addresses to visit.

If you‘re looking for a person (or a group of people) to join you, you‘ve got to create a short 15-seconds max. video, describing what exactly you‘re up to. Also, you have a filter function to lay over the video, a feature known from Snapchat.

You can basically create any type of activity at any place. The obligatory video-reply to a proposed activity results in people getting to see each other on their devices before deciding to meet each other. This lowers the possibility of fake profiles and weird meet-ups.

Today, Dappin is free to get on Apple‘s App Store in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. In the coming weeks, we will meet with Jacques-Félix in order to give you an inside look into the app and it‘s functions.

For the time being, you should absolutely download the app and take a look at Dappin!"

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